About Us

 Our Belief: Customers Deserve Better

Integrity Packaging Solutions was founded on the principle that “customers deserve better”! This simple belief drove its founding and vision to provide customers with a BETTER experience through packaging partnerships. Founded in 1996 with this “Customer Centric” philosophy, Integrity Packaging Solutions expanded its packaging partnerships throughout the Midwest. Initially built upon a strong corrugated packaging network of customers, we expanded into folding cartons, chipboard, corner board, pallet trays and all things paper packaging. Building upon our core competency one project at a time, the company grew leaps and bounds and assembled the best manufacturing equipment and supply network in the industry. No single supplier can bring the depth of knowledge and packaging firepower to the market that Integrity Packaging Solutions brings.

 Our Customers: Experience Matters
Some of our customers over the last 17 years have included:
 Our Partners: Excellence Matters
We build and maintain strong relationships with great partners. These connections bring excellent value to our customers:
 Our Story: Packaging Done Right

Over the last 10 years we have expanded extensively into other packaging materials (flexible packaging, rigid containers, shrink sleeves, SUPs and more) as our customer base has driven us to stay one step ahead of shifting market patterns and economic demands. We have an unwavering commitment to ALWAYS being the leader in innovation and sustainable packaging solutions! This passion compels us to constantly find the BEST materials converted on the BEST equipment. Our solutions have been as wide ranging as complete “360 Degree Partnerships” with our customers that entail us having on-site personnel to deliver daily excellence across their supply chain, to simple packaging design projects on single product lines. We work with start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations. To this day, we are still driven by providing our customers with better value than any other packaging company provides. We dig deep to find long lasting supply chain solutions that deliver forward-looking value. Solutions that have long life spans with year over year cost savings. From the greenest of green packaging solutions and sustainable programs to the high volume chaos of multiple facility packaging supply programs. Ask us about “paperless paper” and “non resin plastics”. There are breakthroughs in raw material technology happening across the globe that can be utilized today in your product packaging. Our core management team has over 130 years of packaging experience with the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world. From the Wal-Mart Scorecard to your carbon footprint Integrity Packaging Solutions delivers the optimal solutions. We think of ourselves as business people who happen to know a lot about packaging. We approach YOUR business as if it was our own and build YOUR packaging solutions to support YOUR BEST OUTCOME! As we like to say “Packaging Done Right”.